Campus Health and Safety

Call 911 to reach police, fire, or ambulance in an emergency.

Accident/Injury Reporting Procedures

Report any accident that occurs on campus, regardless of location or injury. When you are involved in an accident that causes an injury, seek immediate medical attention by calling 911 for emergency services, depending on the severity of the injury. If possible, complete a Student Accident Report within 72 hours of the accident. Staff will provide the report and assist the student with its completion. The completed form goes to the administrative assistant's office at 809 2nd Avenue.


Students must take appropriate action to prevent the spread of contagious illnesses (flu, cold, etc.). Students who are experiencing a contagious illness are encouraged to remain out of training and public campus areas until they are no longer contagious.

Students living in the dormitory who become ill are encouraged to notify the Residence Life office of the nature of their illness. Residence Life staff will help students to access healthcare resources in the community, and prevent the spread of an illness by bringing meals to the student's dorm room.

First Aid Supplies

First aid supplies for minor injuries are available in training and student life areas. Inform the appropriate instructor or staff when you access a first aid kit or when there are not adequate supplies in the kit you are accessing.

Notice, Response, and Shelter in an Emergency

In the event of an emergency requiring lockdown and/or evacuation, students will be notified via SMS text messaging, phone, word of mouth, or city notification system. Specific instructions for responding to each type of emergency are available in the student housing, cafeteria, recreation, and training areas.

In the event of an emergency, AVTEC's Student Services Center is a designated community shelter. Dormitory residents can remain in place unless ordered out by an authority such as police, fire, or AVTEC staff. Should there be an emergency requiring evacuation, students should go to the Student Services Center where officials will instruct them further.

Campus Law Enforcement

AVTEC does not have campus security. Call 911 to reach police, fire, or ambulance in an emergency. For a non-emergency, day or night, call the Seward Police Department (SPD) at 907-224-3338.

The SPD investigates any crime on the AVTEC campus. Students are encouraged to contact police with information about a crime or criminal activity. Any AVTEC staff member can help access the 911 or non-emergency police system to make a report.

AVTEC will notify law enforcement when there is evidence of illegal activity including under-age drinking (minor consuming), contributing to a minor (providing alcohol or drugs to a minor by an adult), or any activity that is covered by an enacted law of the state or federal government.

Student Insurance

Students in long-term training programs (six weeks or longer) may be covered by an AVTEC sponsored accident insurance policy. Claims are submitted as a part of the Student Accident Report procedure. This insurance does not cover illnesses-it is only for injuries. It is only applicable for a student whose own policy doesn't cover it, or who has no insurance. Students who are injured should be aware that not all claims are automatically covered, this is a decision rendered by the insurance carrier. The student is responsible for paying the healthcare provider when a claim is denied.