Complaints and Concerns

Concerns about any aspect of student experiences, service received, quality of instruction, or interaction with staff should be addressed through the AVTEC complaint process.

The first step in resolving an issue is to attempt informal resolution. Many issues can be resolved with a meeting, phone call, or email. Complaints regarding an instructor or specific staff member should be addressed directly with that person.

For perceived discriminatory behaviors or harassment, please follow the process listed in the Non-Discrimination Statement.

Formal Resolution

A student wishing to submit a formal complaint must obtain a complaint form from Counselor Patti Price. Complaints are reviewed and forwarded to the appropriate administrator for investigation and response.

If the student is not satisfied after taking the steps listed, the student may contact the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development Commissioner at

Student Services

AVTEC's Department of Student Services is located upstairs at the Student Services Center. It provides opportunities for students who may need additional assistance to succeed in training. Some of the services are:

Adult Basic Education and GED Preparation

Seward Community Learning Center, located at AVTEC, provides basic education instruction for GED Preparation, English as a Second Language, Basic Math, Reading, and Writing.

Career Services

The Career Resource Counselor works with students to develop a resume, enhance job search skills, complete job applications, practice interviewing skills, and is a liaison between students and employers.

Counseling Services

The Career Resource Counselor assist students in adjusting to their training programs, overcoming barriers that may prevent the student from meeting their goals of graduation, employment, or personal growth.

Students may seek assistance from counseling staff for various issues such as homesickness, conflict resolution, substance abuse, relationship issues, and financial matters. Referrals from counselors to outside agencies and providers are available.

Communications Training Course

Soft Skills/ Communications Training is part of the curriculum of several training programs. Counseling staff presents and teaches this course. They also present information regarding rights and responsibilities of a respectful workplace.

Foundations Class

Students who need to brush up on their study skills, mathematics, english, and reading as applied in the work environment can participate in the courses offered through the Student Services Department.


AVTEC's Library is open afternoons and evenings seven days a week. The library is open to students and dependents and guests of students. Library hours are posted on the library door.


Students who need additional assistance with training assignments can go to the library and seek tutoring assistance through the Student Service Department.

Testing and Proctoring Services

AVTEC offers proctoring services for students to access tests for GED, Work Keys (the ACT National Career Readiness Certification) and industry credentials.