Instant Information FAQs

When can I move into my apartment or dorm room?

Students accepted for residence in dormitory or family student housing may move into housing up to two days prior to the first date of training.

What if I bring my car to AVTEC?

Student vehicles parked on the AVTEC campus require registration and a parking permit for safety and ease of snow removal. They are free from the Residence Life office located in Marathon Hall. Display it in the lower left of the driver's side windshield.

How do I get mail?

Dorm students: Go to the Post Office to rent a post office box.

Family Housing students: Obtain a letter from the Residence Life office. Take that letter, along with appropriate photo ID, to the post office to get a post office box free of charge.

Off campus students: Take a copy of your rental agreement or a utility bill with your physical address on it, and a photo ID to the post office. Depending on where you live, you may be able to get a free box, or you may have to pay a rental fee.

I need accommodation for living and training at AVTEC. What do I do?

If you have a documented disability it is your responsibility to make that known to the Disability Services Officer at AVTEC. They will assist in completing the steps necessary for AVTEC to make reasonable accommodation for your successful living and training.

Where can I go when I am sick or injured?

Seward Community Health Center, 417 First Avenue, 907-224-2273

North Star Clinic (Chugachmuit / Indian Health Service ), 201 Third Avenue, 907-224-3490

Glacier Family Medicine Clinic, 11724 Seward Highway, 907-224-8733

Providence Seward Medical Center, 417 First Avenue, 907-224-5205 (Open 24 Hours)

How do I get a hold of Residence Life staff?

907-362-1645-the Residence Life phone is answered 24 hours a day when school is in session.