Policies and Regulations

Alcohol, Marijuana, and Illegal Substances Policy

AVTEC complies with the Drug-Free Schools and Campuses Act. It requires that all institutions of higher education, as a condition of receiving federal financial assistance, develop, distribute in writing, and enforce a set of policies for preventing the unlawful possession, use, or distribution of drugs and alcohol on its premises. Individuals who violate AVTEC's drug and alcohol policy are subject to sanctions up to or including eviction from student housing and dismissal from training.

All AVTEC campuses are Drug and Alcohol Free. The possession, use, manufacture, distribution, or sale of any drugs or alcohol at AVTEC is prohibited. This policy includes intoxication and behavior related to the use of alcohol or drugs. The term "drugs" means all mind-altering substances including prescription medical drugs used without a prescription. As a Title IV school and recipient of federal funds, possession or use of marijuana is prohibited on all campuses.

AVTEC staff and/or students have the right to request a drug or alcohol test to demonstrate sobriety.

Internet Use Policy

The internet user's policy is located in Appendix A of this handbook. It is a school-wide policy intended to provide guidelines for the proper use of all AVTEC computing and network resources, effective protection of individual users, equitable access, and proper management of these resources. Violation of this policy may result in denied access to the network.

To gain access to the internet on the AVTEC state network requires a login, provided during orientation or shortly thereafter. Users are monitored through this login for appropriate use of the internet. Additionally, all AVTEC owned computers have software within that enables staff to monitor use.

Pet Policy

Except as specifically required by law, animals are not allowed in AVTEC training facilities, dormitory rooms, or apartments. Service Animals, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act may be allowed through an approval process.

Student Records Policy

AVTEC's Student Records Office maintains a permanent file for each student. AVTEC protects the privacy of students and keeps records confidential in compliance with Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Students may request to see their permanent file or have a copy made of it for a small copying fee. Only authorized AVTEC staff may review your record. Staff will not release the records to parents, sponsors, or other interested parties without written consent of the student.

Tobacco Policy

As required by the laws of the State of Alaska, tobacco use is permitted in designated areas only. Students using tobacco (including chewing tobacco) or e-cigarettes in non-designated areas will be subject to fines and discipline up to and including dismissal from training.

Weapons Policy

AVTEC policies prohibit possession of weapons of any kind on campus. This policy extends to all AVTEC sponsored activities whether on or off campus. Exceptions are tools of training, such as culinary knife sets, and small personal pocketknives with a manually opened blade not to exceed 3.5 inches in blade length.