Residence Life

AVTEC provides students a safe environment on campus to learn, live, and experience culturally diverse activities. Students living in campus housing have specific requirements in addition to those established in the training environment.

Residence Life Staff

Residence Life staff have primary responsibility for maintaining the health and safety of residents. AVTEC's dormitories and student service center are protected by security cameras located throughout the facility. Staff are available 24-hours a day, seven days a week during training periods.

The office phone number is 224-6100. The cell phone number is 362-1645. Messages left for students are delivered to student rooms.

Dormitory main entrance doors are unlocked at all times. All other exterior doors are locked from 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m., and most are alarmed. Do not exit an alarmed door except in an emergency.

Housing Assignments and Occupancy

Students who live in the dormitory complete an application and are assigned housing on a first come, first served basis in the order in which their application was received. Requests for roommates are considered and thereafter roommates are assigned.

Family apartments are available for full time students who are enrolled in programs greater than eight weeks in duration and who have dependents living with them full time. AVTEC administration reserves the right to assign and change room assignments to maximize the number of individuals who have access to housing or for other administrative purposes.

Occupancy during Holidays and Summer Breaks

Occupancy in the dormitories during the winter holiday and summer break is not permitted. Students must vacate during these periods but may leave their belongings during the winter holiday. During the summer break student may not leave their belongings in their room, must check out, and are expected to thoroughly clean their space.

Summer storage of belongings is available for returning students and can be coordinated with the Residence Life Department head. Students who are not coming back after the winter or summer break must notify the Residence Life staff in writing prior to their departure.

Entering the Rooms when Absent

Rooms may be entered by AVTEC staff during unoccupied breaks for maintenance or other business purposes.

Termination of the Agreement

The Student Housing Agreement may be terminated midway through a training term for extenuating circumstances such as life changes or medical reasons. Written requests for termination of the Student Housing Agreement must be made to the Residence Life Department Head and/or Deputy Director as far in advance as possible to allow for planning.

Moving in & Moving Out

Students may move in up to two days prior to the first day of training. Students are to move out of their space no more than two days after graduation, withdrawal, or dismissal. The Residence Life Department Head can approve in advance, extended stays beyond the two days for moving out if necessary.

Students in training may move into the dormitory at any time during a training term by contacting Residence Life Department for available rooms. See the Financial Aid Officer for costs.

When moving out of housing, students must vacate and clean their room or apartment, have the space inspected, and turn in keys and ID cards at the Residence Life office. Charges for cleaning or repairs in dormitory rooms and family student apartments are billed to the student. Completion certificates will not be issued until all charges are paid.

Dormitory Rules

Residents are required to sign an agreement indicating receipt and understanding of these rules. Additionally, the following list is provided for guidance:

maintain quiet hours (10 p.m.-7 a.m.)

respect the rights of other residents to a peaceful environment at all times

no food preparation in the dorm rooms involving the use of hot plates, microwaves, or any other tool used to prepare or cook hot foods in the room

candles, incense, and other burning items are not permitted

Room or Apartment Displays

Students may display socially acceptable posters and other wall hangings in dormitory rooms and family housing apartments. Visual materials of content that can be considered obscene, harassing, discriminatory, or intimidating are considered inappropriate and may not be displayed outside the room or in general view of the other residents or the general public. This includes vehicles parked on campus and materials that can be viewed through open doors or windows when window coverings are open. Students should check with a Residence Life staff if they have any questions about what is appropriate.

Plain View Rule

Any materials or activities that violate rules, when viewed through an open door or uncovered window, are in "plain view" and may result in discipline.


Dormitory residents may have guests visit between the hours of 7:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m. The resident must remain with the guest at all times. A legal guardian must accompany guests under 18 years of age. Guests must adhere to all AVTEC policies while on campus and the guest's behavior is the responsibility of the resident.

Family Housing students may have guests stay for up to three consecutive days with prior approval from Residence Life staff.

Housing Inspections

Staff will perform periodic health and safety inspections inside all dormitory rooms and family housing apartments. Public notice of inspections will be provided at least 24 hours in advance.

Students will receive a written notice of issues discovered during the inspection that must be corrected within a reasonable period of time, which will be in the notice. AVTEC staff may address issues not corrected within the time allowed and students will be charged for the cost for time and materials to remedy the deficiencies.

Wear and Tear

Students will be charged to repair damage to the facilities, equipment, or appliances deemed to be beyond normal wear and tear, in accordance with the housing agreement.

Maintenance Request

Residents are not permitted to make repairs to the state's facilities. Residents must contact the Residence Life staff to report broken or inoperative items. Residents may request a specific time period between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. for the maintenance work to be done and every effort will be made to accommodate such requests. After the request is made a maintenance person will attend to the issue in a timely manner, depending on the severity of the needed repairs, and often within 48 hours, weekends excluded. In family housing, it will occur after 9:00 a.m., and in the dorms after 8:30 a.m.

Right to Entry

Residents have the right to privacy in their dormitory room or apartment. However, staff may enter a room after knocking loudly and announcing themselves within these parameters:

with prior public notice to conduct regular and periodic housing health and safety inspections;

with prior public notice to affected residents, to perform maintenance work necessary for the continued operation of the entire facility;

with prior notification to the resident, to prepare room space for a new resident, or to pack the belongings of a former resident;

to make repairs after a resident has given notice of needed maintenance;

to locate a missing student when the whereabouts cannot be determined from instructors or friends, and when his/her roommate is unavailable;

to handle any emergency which threatens the health and safety of the resident or other residents; or

to investigate activity that appears to violate policy and regulations, when staff has probable cause.