Student Housing

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Students living in campus housing, including Family Housing Apartments, have some additional requirements in addition to those in the Student’s Code of Conduct.

Residence Halls Safety and Security

The residence halls (Willard E. Dunham Residence Hall and the Fourth Avenue Residence Hall) and Student Service Center (SSC) is monitored by security cameras for student and staff safety.  The main entrance doors of the residence halls are unlocked at all times. Some other exterior doors are locked from 11:00 p.m. –6:00 a.m.  Some doors are alarmed, do not exit an alarmed door except in an emergency.

Safety is the first priority at AVTEC. If students notice anything that looks or feels unsafe in or around residence life or campus, please notify an AVTEC staff member immediately. In the event of a medical emergency, fire, or need for police, call 911.

Residence Life Office

Residence Life staff are available 24-hours a day, seven days a week. The Residence Life office is located in the Willard E. Dunham Residence Hall lobby. The office phone is 907-224-6100, and the cell number is 907-362-1645, where they can be reached if they are not in the office. 

Housing Assignments and Occupancy

Housing assignments are determined prior to arrival at AVTEC. Any student wishing to change housing status, room/apartment assignments, or those vacating early for any reason need to inform the residence life staff. All changes must be approved by residence life staff.

Termination of the Agreement

Residents may request a termination of their Housing Agreement at any time. Students are expected to vacate and clean their room prior to the date of termination and will be charged for damages beyond normal wear and tear. 

A student evicted from the residence halls as part of disciplinary action will forfeit room payment for the balance of the current term. Following an eviction from the residence hall, the student shall remove all personal belongings, clean the unit, return the key, and satisfy a housing inspection based on their initial housing agreement. Students will be charged for damages or failure to return keys, and all charges must be cleared on the student account to receive a completion certificate.  [LL1] [LL2] [LL3] 

Moving Out of Residence Halls

Students are to move out of their space no more than 48 hours after graduation. If a student needs more time to vacate and clean, they can make a request for an extended stay in advance and in writing to the Residence Life Department Head. Students shall remove all personal belongings, clean the unit, return the key, and satisfy a housing inspection based on their initial housing agreement. Students will be charged for damages or failure to return keys, and all charges must be cleared on the student account to receive a completion certificate.  [LL4] [LL5] [LL6] 

Occupancy during Holidays and Summer Breaks

Students cannot stay in their rooms in the residence halls during the winter holiday but may leave their belongings in their rooms. Students must vacate, clean, and check out of their rooms for the summer break using the same process and guidelines found in the section on moving out. 

Summer storage of belongings is available for returning students and can be coordinated with the Residence Life Department Head. Students who are not returning after the winter or summer break must notify the Residence Life staff in writing prior to their departure.

Student Housing Rules

Students living in residence halls are required to sign an agreement indicating they have received and understand all of these policies within the Student Handbook. This agreement can be found in Appendix D of this handbook. 

Room Displays

Students may display appropriate posters and other wall hangings in residence hall rooms. See the student code of conduct for expectations of posters and wall hanging content.  


Students living in the residence hall may have guests visit between the hours of 7:00 a.m. –10:00 p.m., and the student must remain with the guest at all times. A legal guardian must accompany guests under 18 years of age. Guests must adhere to the AVTEC code of conduct while on campus, and it is the responsibility of the students to see that their guest's behavior follows the code of conduct.

Overnight guests in the residence halls are prohibited. Students who violate this rule are subject to warning and/or eviction.

Maintenance Request

Residents are not permitted to make repairs to AVTEC facilities. Residents must contact the Residence Life office to report broken or inoperative items. Residents may request a specific time period between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. for the maintenance work to be done and every effort will be made to accommodate such requests. After the request is made, a maintenance person will attend to the issue in a timely manner, depending on the severity of the needed repairs.

Housing Inspections

Staff will perform periodic health and safety inspections inside Residence Hall rooms and Family Student Housing Apartments. Public notice of inspections will be provided at least 24 hours in advance.

Students will receive a written notice of issues discovered during the inspection that must be corrected within a reasonable period of time, which will be in the notice. AVTEC staff may address issues not corrected within the time allowed, and students will be charged for time and materials to remedy the deficiencies.

Right to Entry

Residents have the right to privacy in their Residence Hall room or Family Student Housing Apartment. However, staff may enter a room after knocking loudly and announcing themselves within these parameters:

  • during unoccupied breaks for maintenance or other business purposes;
  • with prior public notice to conduct regular and periodic housing health and safety inspections;
  • with prior public notice to affected residents, to perform maintenance work necessary for the continued operation of the entire facility;
  • with prior notification to the resident, to prepare room space for a new resident or to pack the belongings of a former resident;
  • to make repairs after a resident has given notice of needed maintenance;
  • to locate a missing student when the whereabouts cannot be determined from instructors or friends, and when his/her roommate is unavailable;
  • to handle any emergency which threatens the health and safety of the resident or other residents; or
  • to investigate activity that appears to violate policy and regulations, when staff has probable cause.