Corrective Actions

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Students are provided due process when a violation of the code of conduct results in corrective actions. However, depending on the severity of the violation, a student may be summarily dismissed by the AVTEC Director or their designee.  


Written warnings will be issued by instructional or other staff for violations of the code of conduct. Students who do not heed the warnings may be subject to probation, eviction from housing, restriction from campus facilities, and/or dismissal from training. 


Any instructor or staff member in authority at AVTEC can place a student on probation for violation of the code of conduct, with or without warning. Training related probation is issued by the Department Head, in consultation with the instructor. 

The initial duration of the probation period is 30 days and can be reduced or extended beyond this initial timeframe based on student progress. Probation may not be extended beyond 60 days total. If a student fails to satisfy the conditions of the probation after 60 days, they will be dismissed from training. 

Students may be placed on probation at the same time for different reasons but may not be placed on probation more than twice for the same type of violation, and the second probation cannot be extended. A student who fails to satisfy the conditions of a second probation for the same reason will be dismissed from training.    

Probation terms and conditions include:

  • Reason for the probation, length of time, and plan of improvement
  • Schedule a meeting with a counselor and the AVTEC Financial Aid Officer within two business (2) days of the effective date of the probation
  • Demonstrate that the plan of improvement is being followed

Violations of the code of conduct or terms of the probation while on probationary status can result in dismissal from training. While on probation, students are not eligible for student employment, a certificate of completion, and/or disbursement of financial aid.

Residence Life

Students can be placed on warning and/or evicted from housing at any time while at AVTEC for violations of the code of conduct. AVTEC Residence Life staff and administration reserves the right to evict a student immediately depending on the severity of the violations.

Residence Life Warning

Students who violate the code of conduct in housing (residence halls and family apartments) will be issued a warning with the mandate to see a counselor within two (2) business days from the date of the warning to discuss the nature of the violation and the next steps as a consequence to further violations. A student who does not comply will be evicted from housing.

Residence Life Eviction

Students who violate the code of conduct a second time in housing, for the same or a different violation, will be evicted. 

A student evicted from the residence halls as part of a disciplinary action will forfeit room payment for the balance of the current term. The student may continue to eat in the cafeteria for the current term as long as those rights have not been terminated as part of the disciplinary action. A student evicted from family housing apartments as part of a disciplinary action will forfeit rent payment for the remainder of the current and following month.

Following an eviction from the residence hall or family apartment, the student will be given a written notification to remove all personal belongings, clean the unit, return the key, and satisfy a housing inspection based on their initial housing agreement. Students will be charged for damages or failure to return keys, and all charges must be cleared on the student account to receive a completion certificate.