Student Rights and Responsibilities

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Student Rights

  • Right to pursue training in a clean, organized, and safe environment; and one that is free from harassment and discrimination.
  • Right to fair and impartial evaluation of training performance and a means of recourse to challenge action contrary to this standard.
  • Right to free expression and to participate and contribute feedback in the formulating and evaluating of institutional policies.
  • Right to access to staff and instructors for training, assistance, guidance, and administration.
  • Right to a clearly defined, fair, and consistent enforcement of rules that govern AVTEC operations and student code of conduct and due process for appeals.
  • Right of access to and protection from improper disclosure of student records as required by appropriate legal authority.
  • Right to have access to accurate information regarding tuition, fees and charges, refunds, and general requirements for establishing and maintaining satisfactory progress in training and requirements for completion.
  • Right to a reasonably peaceful and quiet environment in which you can study and sleep.
  • Right to privacy, respect, and security of your person and personal property; one that is free from unreasonable search and/or seizure.
  • Right to confront others behavior that infringes on your rights and to file both formal and informal complaints about any aspect of the AVTEC experience.  
  • Right to expect freedom from interference regarding your personal recreational, social, and personal enhancement opportunities established within the campus community.

Student Responsibilities

  • Being in the assigned place with appropriate materials, ready to work at the designated time that training begins; follow instructor direction, class rules, and expectations at all times; be in attendance regularly and practice professional behavior in providing prior notification to instructors when unable to attend. 
  • Using appropriate language and behavior at all times while maintaining friendly and courteous behavior.
  • Follow the policies, rules, and regulations of training and campus life to support the educational purposes of AVTEC and to sustain a safe and comfortable living and learning environment.
  • Respect the rights of others, and report unsafe or disturbing situations to appropriate staff; allow health and safety inspections of residence when staying in student housing.
  • Meet expected payment schedules for tuition, room, and board, and other fees.

Resolution Process

The first step in resolving an issue is to attempt informal resolution by contacting the individual closest to the issue.  Counselors are available to assist with an attempt at a resolution. If a satisfactory resolution is not achieved through this informal process, the student may submit a formal written complaint to the Director for investigation and response. If the issue is not satisfactorily resolved after taking the steps listed above, the student may contact the Department of Labor and Workforce Development Commissioner at